Monday, June 25, 2007

Warner Moving On

Although Republican Sen. John Warner of Virginia has not publicly said whether in '08 he will run for re-election or not, every indication, according to an article by the Washington Times points to Warner "moving on."

"There has been considerable discussion about the possibility that [Mr. Warner] might delay an announcement of candidacy, then announce he wasn't going to run, to allow Congressman Tom Davis to build up at the beginning of the campaigns, which would give Davis an advantage," said Morton C. Blackwell, chairman of the Virginia's Republican National Committee and leader of the conservative Leadership Institute.

Rep. Tom Davis of Northern Virginia has been a loyal footfsoldier who for years patiently waited in the House wing of the Capitol for former Sen. Allen to stumble, senior Sen. John Warner to retire...ANYTHING...for his turn to make a run for the Senate.

It looks like his long-held dream will become a reality.

In the meantime, win or lose, Howling Latina predicts his sweet bride, Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis (in a tight state Senate race in '07), will run for her hubby's seat in '08 to try to keep it in the Republican column; and of course, in the family portfolio.

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