Monday, June 11, 2007

Attorneygate has Long Legs...No-Confidence on Monday

On Sunday, Tony Snow said the White House was unconcerned about the upcoming no-confidence vote.

But today we learn from Robert Novak that Bush administration aides have secretly been stumping the Senate for "votes to block" the so-called symbolic motion.

In a Washington Post op-ed, Novak writes that "[p]revailing opinion among Republican office holders, contributors and activists" is that Gonzales has been an embarassment and should go.

Republican insiders are enraged by Bush's retention of Gonzales, whom they consider a political and governmental disaster. Beyond his affection for Gonzales, the president is reported to fear that a new attorney general could not be confirmed without pledging to name a special prosecutor to investigate the firing of U.S. attorneys. That explanation suggests a lame-duck regime, preferring to stay with a crippled, leaderless Justice Department.
Oh dear; nothing like a full-blown batwing meltdown. It sure looks like there's a whole lot more to this Attorneygate business than the public already knows. One-two-three, kick; one-two-three-four.

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