Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Southern Baptists Going Back to Basics

Howling Latina was so heartened to read that Rev. Frank Page, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, unlike his previous predecessors, is leaving politics outside the church's door.

Sure, he's met with more than a few GOP presidential hopefuls, but the Washington Post reports that he's also met with Democrats and refuses to endorse ANYONE.
[I[n an interview at his denomination's annual meeting here last week, said he offers his thoughts about salvation to candidates but never an endorsement. And he talks to Democrats, too. He sees the political courtship as a duty: The nation's leaders need to hear a Christian viewpoint, he believes.
Nothing used to rile HL quicker than some sanctimonious Christian blabbing about what a great Christian this or that Republican was, to the exclusion of ALL Democrats, of course.

Yes, before Jim Wallis penned his book, "God's Politics," she would tell her fellow church members on Sunday, "God is not a Republican." And what joy it was for her to bring light to Sunday school armed with a few Bible precepts and quotes.

The howler is so happy to learn that the church she loves is going back to the original vision of the founding father, Roger Williams. She thinks she just might make her monthly trek to church this coming Sunday.

It's been too long; lately, her monthly trek has taken her months.

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