Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Plea to John Warner & Jim Webb

Dear Sens. John Warner and Jim Webb:

Tomorrow, the Senate will hold a no-confidence vote against Attorney General Gonzales. He is increasingly becoming an embarrassment to country and party.

Equal to former Secretary of State Colin Powell calling on President Bush to close Guantanamo, I ask that you please express the obvious. Gonzales must go. He has allowed the Justice Department to become a political arm of the Bush administration; and this is wrong.

Today, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Daniel J. Metcalfe, a former senior career Justice Department official who resigned in January and whose career goes back as far as the early 70s and the Watergate scandal, "could no longer tolerate the 'sheer political expediency, avoidance of individual responsibility, defensive personal aggrandizement, irresponsible ‘consensus’ decision making (and) disregard for longstanding practices and principles'” taking place in the department.

Senator Warner and Webb, please vote yes when the issue of no-confidence comes up on the Senate floor. It is the only way to elicit the president's attention and return justice for all.

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