Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No Senate Bid in '08 for Allen

In a stick-it-to-your-home-boy with a plausible deniability endorsement, The Hill reports that former Sen. George Allen (R-Racist), is giving his goober support to former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Mouthpiece), and not to his fellow brethren from Virginia, former Gov. Jim Gilmore.

[I]n an interview with The Hill, Allen offered his thoughts on those who have taken his place as Republican White House hopefuls.Allen introduced former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.) when the probable presidential candidate keynoted the state party’s gala earlier this month.

“I think [a Thompson candidacy] is good,” Allen said. "I would encourage him to do so.”

Though Allen said he is not yet endorsing a Thompson bid, he did say that to grassroots Republicans “who care about the party,” Thompson’s popularity indicates “there has been a bit of a void for someone with a proven conservative record.”

Howling Latina is not the least bit shocked that Allen has taken a pass at endorsing Real McCoy Gilmore for president. Or as noted later in the post, Allen has no intention of running for the Senate in '08, whether John Warner retires or not.

Too risky; if he failed to gain the nomination over Rep. Tom Davis, his national political aspirations, as slight as they are, would be forever gone.

As for Allen, though he said he misses the give-and-take he enjoyed with Washington reporters, he said his new endeavors are keeping him busy and he is enjoying himself.

Despite rumors that circulated earlier this year that Allen was gauging interest in another Senate run should Warner retire, Allen insisted, “There was never anything to that.”

Nope. Allen has his eyes on the governor's mansion in '09, especially with redistricting coming on the heels of the national census in '10; and the chance to play candyman and kingmaker in one fell swoop.

Right after Allen was stunningly upset last year by Sen. Jim Webb, HL noted that Allen's next foray into statewide politics would come with a run for governor. Of course, Real G has the exact same idea and not surprisingly, Allen is less than supportive of his Old Dominion homie.

HL is placing her bets on the table that the next Virginia governor's race will pit three former governors vying for the mansion in Richmond: Allen, Gilmore and Warner, especially since all three eventually want to call the White House their home.

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