Saturday, June 09, 2007

More About Bush's "Too-Much-Partying-Bug"

President Bush met with French President Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday morning and after the meeting Sarkozy told the press that Bush was "slightly indisposed" and [would] rejoin the working meeting as soon as he" could.

Without a trace of skepticism, the Washington Post dutifully reported the White House line. Bush was hit by an apparent morning virus, the poor soul, but miraculour recovered in mere hours.

Bush's day started slowly Friday, because he was hit by an apparent virus, White House officials said. After meeting with new French President Nicholas Sarkozy, he went back to bed and missed two morning sessions at the summit. But by midday, a slightly ruddy-looking Bush was back on his schedule and attended a working lunch of G-8 leaders.

He's not 100 percent, but he felt well enough to return to the talks," said White House counselor Dan Bartlett.

You know what folks? Howling Latina may be an idiot but...she's not entirely stupid. Now what kind of virus disappears within hours?!? She means, other than the too-much-drinking-late-night-partying scourge?!? But bless the Post's heart; apparently "apparently" was the key operative word in the article to clue readers there might be more to the story than an unfortunate bug.

Our idiot president reminds HL of the alkie who quits drinking beer a thousand times, all the while sneaking bottles of Jim Beam underneath his pant legs to ease the withdrawal angst.

Every good alkie needs a troop of enablers; and Bush minions like Bartlett have enabled him to continue on the path to destruction. Unfortunately, drunks not only hurt themselves but everyone around them. And as the most powerful person in the word, Bush is hurting EVERY DAMN person in WORLD.

America voted for the Village Idiot 'cause media pundits like Chris Matthews of "Hardball" kept telling them to imagine how much fun they could have going out for a couple of beers with the president in their minds.

Well, all the boozing from the last six and a half years has left the United States reeling from alcohol poisoning. It's going to take a 12-step program before the nation can fully recover; and step one is to be honest and admit we royally screwed up.
H/T to Americablog for the images.

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