Tuesday, June 26, 2007

From the Lips of Tom Davis

A Democratic activist friend of Howling Latina told her a month ago or so that Davis personally had confessed that he would not be running for the House in '08.

Davis is supposedly sick and tired of having to run for Congress every two years; he's also tired of all the goings-on in the House. Sen. John Warner would soon retire and immediately anoint Davis as his choice as successor. Davis would run for the Senate and that would be that.

At the time, HL took her friend's comments in stride, along with many tidbits she hears, although she certainly held the remarks in high regard since they not only coincided with published rumors but supposedly came directly from a source who would uniquely know: Congressman Tom Davis.

Well, the scenario as depicted by Seth McLaughlin of The Washington Times, the same reporter who penned a few helpful stories about Sen. Jim Webb last year, matches my friend's account.
"There has been considerable discussion about the ossibility that [Mr. Warner] might delay an announcement of candidacy, then announce he wasn't going to run, to allow Congressman Tom Davis to build up at the beginning of the campaigns, which would give Davis an advantage," said Morton C. Blackwell, chairman of the Virginia's Republican National Committee and leader of the conservative Leadership Institute.
Indeed, Warner's retirement would give Davis the perfect opportunity to do what he's been rumored to want to do for a very long time.

Make what you will of this post; if nothing else, a little more fodder for the rumor mill.

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