Wednesday, June 13, 2007

McEachin Whips Lambert in Democratic Primary

Del. Donald McEachin upset turncoat state Sen. Benjamin J. Lambert III yesterday in the Democratic primary for the 9th District. The 30- year veteran was soundly beaten by McEachin.

If you recall, Lambert campaigned last year against Sen. Jim Webb and endorsed small-minded, bigoted George Allen over our Democratic standard bearer; and as the Roanoke Times reports, this double-crossing move sealed Lambert's fate.
Lambert riled Democrats last year by endorsing Republican George Allen, even though Allen was battling questions about his sensitivity on racial issues. McEachin was an early and avid supporter of Democrat Jim Webb, who defeated Allen in a close race. Webb campaigned for McEachin during his primary campaign.
Lambert admits to the Richmond Times-Dispatch that "his support of Allen probably cost him his job.

Nah, you think...?
"I thought the Allen folks would have helped me more, but it didn't work out that way."
Dream on, Bernie. Like a dirty dish rag, your usefulness to Allen was over right after Nov. 7; and as to your private little problem with the Dems, with Webb's staunch support of McEachin and nothing more to gain, your GOP friends threw you in the ringer, sort've speak.

Well, no one says it best than our own Vivian Paige: "Benny got what he deserved."

Yes, indeed he did.

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