Sunday, June 10, 2007

Colin Powell to Support the Dems?

If you missed this morning's "Meet the Press," click here and see the entire show; or click here for the transcript.

In must see TV, Powell tells moderator Tim Russert that if he knew back then what he knows now, he would not have supported the idea of invading Iraq.

What's more, he refused to assure Russert that he'll support the GOP presidential candidate. On Guantanamo, there's no wistful pining for Jack Bauer of "24". He says if it were up to him, he would close Guantano not tomorrow--but this very afternoon.

Oh, and that business about Bush letting the generals run the war has been totally drowned by the truth that most generals did not support the Bush surge. Howling Latina is coming to the sad conclusion that every time our idiot president opens his lying mouth, the exact mirror opposite is the actual truth.

And Powell also lays the Iraq fiasco and total breakdown of intelligence directly at the feet of the president and previous feckless Congress.

Powell admitted to Russert that he had informally advised Barack Obama on several occassions about foreign affairs. When asked to name the candidate he is supporting, Powell refused. And when asked if he would consider supporting an independent candidate, he demurred and said, "I'm going to support, I’m going to support the best person that I can find who will lead this country for the eight years beginning in January 2009."

Well, alarmed by his answer, Russert pushed him and asked, " Of any party?" Powell steadfastly responded, "The best person I can find."

Hmmm, like the former Republican junior senator from Virginia, Jim Webb, Howling Latina would not be surprised is there if there is a Dem future for the former secretary of state.

Every day, it's become more and more evident that the worst president in the entire history of the United States has totally destroyed the GOP brand; and men and women of courage and honor are leaving the party of Lincoln in droves.

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