Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sexual Predators May Be Eligible for the Death Penalty

With bated breath, Texas awaits the signature of Gov. Rick Perry that will decree sexual predators eligible for the ultimate sanction.

As if we didn't have enough crimes to the list of felonies that might warrant the state to execute one of its citizens, the Texas Legislature decided this year to add sex offenders to its death-row docket.

The bill "[i]mposes a possible death penalty for sex offenders who are twice convicted of raping children under 14."

Hello, are you watching former Congressman Mark Foley? How about you, former South Dakota State Representative Ted Klaudt? Or you, former mayor of Clarkfield in Minnesota, Jeffrey Kyle Randall? Pay close attention, former Floyd County leader Bobby Stumbo of Kentucky.

It looks like the needle will not just be for the hapless poor anymore. A slow painful death by asphyxiation may be in the cards for the rich and powerful. Remember, it recently took the state of Ohio almost two hours and ten tries to kill Christopher Newton.

Folks should feel safer already.

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