Thursday, May 03, 2007

Republican Debate..and Security...and Aerial Protest

Howling Latina can't stomach the thought of listening to Chris Matthews and a roomful of batwings. She'll have to wait for the talking points. However, she is looking forward to the aerial visuals of the protesting airplanes.

In the meantime, the news by the Washington Post that Obama had to get Secret Service protection should come as no surprise in light of the vitriol directed at him from the Rush Limbaughs of the world.

Obama, who frequently draws crowds in the thousands at campaign stops, requested the protection. Secret Service spokesman Eric Zahren and Department of Homeland Security officials said they were not aware of any threats to the Illinois senator.
HL was barely a teen when Bobby was shot and remembers it all too well.

Anyway, according to Politico via Raw Story, "[t]he planes [are] set to circle the event throughout the duration of the debate."

Let the show begin...and may the best man lose!

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