Monday, May 28, 2007

McCain Likely to Vote for No-Confidence

Political theatre or no theatre, the Democrats plan to hold a no-confidence vote in the Senate in mid-June.

How will Repubicans respond?!? Will they filibuster?!?

Certainly one can readily conjure the image of administration bootlickers blocking the vote. But that would require 60 votes. Who will have the balls to impede accountability?!?

Expect every Democratic senator to vote for the no-confidence measure along with a few Republicans; and to the list, be sure to include Sen. John McCain.

Only recently the maverick senator in earth-shattering news told the press that one of his tenets as president would be to hold his Cabinet accountable. The Associated Press via Los Angeles Chronicle writes:

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain is promising to hold Cabinet chiefs accountable for ensuring the integrity of their agencies and proposing to withhold money from government programs that don't meet performance expectations.

'It is essential to our party's success, and to the nation's honor that we claim sincerely the mantle of reform,' the Arizona Republican says in a speech he plans to give Monday at the Oklahoma statehouse in Oklahoma City.
The list of GOPers calling for Gonzales to resign continues to grow. Earlier, Sen. Arlen Specter said that Gonzo would likely resign before the Senate vote of no-confidence.

Folks, the vote is gonna happen; and who knows, it may even garner 60 votes. Unfortunately, it probably won't make any difference since Gonzo is all that stands between the president and an indictment for obstruction of justice, war crimes, lying to Congress, outing a CIA operative and Lord only knows what else.

Sixty votes and it's impeachment or BUST!

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