Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jim Gilmore -- Still Crazy After All These Years

Poor former Gov. Jim Gilmore, he's become even more delusional with time, if that's possible.

The guy who promised to do away with the hated property taxes in Virginia and nearly bankrupted the state before waving "adios" in shame in '01, now, for some unknown reason, thinks he's uniquely qualified to lead the GOP brigade of die-hard blowhards seven years later.

Forget Rudy Thompson McRomney. The Hill's Congress Blog reports that Gilmore thinks that it is up to him to keep the White House in the safe hands of Republicans.

“As our nation faces grave challenges abroad and renewed liberalism at home, we as a party seem poised to abandon those principles. The three leading challengers for our parties nomination may be good men, but they simply don’t share our conservative values.”
Well, like an old broken vinyl record, looney Gilmore remains stuck humming yesterday's screechy hymn of family, er, conservative values. View for yourself.

My dear former governor, Americans stopped being enamored with the so-called conservative values agenda that brought so much shame and carnage right around the time we learned there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, a CIA operative was maliciously outed, New Orleans drowned, thousands of our soldiers died, Americans learned Big Brother was listening to their private conversations, gas prices skyrocketed, the economy stalled and Bush toadies kept insisting that the light from the train at the end of the tunnel was freedom on the march.

In other words, get a new tune or stay lost.

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