Friday, May 25, 2007

Bullshit from Mainstream Media & Real News

In reading the latest trumped buzz about a Democratic presidential candidate, Howling Latina read the blazing headliner in this morning's Washington Post about Hillary Clinton and thought it was quite a snoozer.

Folks, no banner headline is needed to tell us that candidates for high public office are gasp, ambitious. It goes with the territory.

Of course, in other breathtaking news, readers also learned that Hillary may not have "read the National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq...before voting."

So there was Chris Matthews on "Hardball" this evening going off the deep end trying to get someone, anyone, from his show to go ballistic with outrage along with him because Hillary voted for a bill she may not have read from cover to cover.

You know, just like El Presidente does each and every time he signs any legal or illegal document. Such as when he signed the order to break international law and listen in on Americans; or when he signed the order to use alternative interrogation methods in Europe and Guantanamo; or when he gave the go-ahead for Wolfowitz to fire all the Iraqi Baathist that left the huge gaping power vacuum in that country; or when he signed off on hiring only loyal Bushies at Justice; or....

Well, Howling Latina hopes the fact that Sens. Brownback, Edwards and Biden have told reporters that they can't say for sure if they actually read the very same report before voting for war doesn't cause all the blood flowing to Tweety's brain to block and give him a major stroke.

In fact, Politico was kind enough to remind readers of an old April 27, 2004 article by Dana Priest where she reported that "no more than six senators' read the classified version of the NIE, which required the senator actually going to a secure room to read."

Politico also notes that the current and former chairman of the intelligence commitee, Sens. Jay Rockefeller and Pat Roberts read the report but for the rest, it was mostly Cliff Notes from staff.

Now if Tweety wants some real groundbreaking news, how about the fact that Bush and his merry band of criminals at the White House were warned by the CIA that if they invaded Iraq, the Middle East would go to hell in a handbasket, according to the just released assessment of pre-war intelligence as noted by the Washington Post?

The U.S. intelligence community accurately predicted months before the Iraq war that al-Qaeda would link up with elements from former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's regime and militant Islamists to conduct terrorist attacks against U.S. forces in that country, according to a report released today by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
Of course, that's just ol' news; move along and yet...

"The most chilling and prescient warning from the intelligence community prior to the war was that the American invasion would bring about instability in Iraq that would be exploited by Iran and al Qaeda terrorists," Sen. John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV (D-W. Va.), chairman of the committee and three other Democratic panel members wrote in additional views attached to the 229 page report.

Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo.), vice chairman of the panel, and three other Republican members said the assessments were "not a crystal ball" and that the warnings emphasized in the committee report "lacked detail or specificity that would have guided military planners." Overall, the Republicans said the report "exaggerates the significance of the prewar assessments" and that the Phase II inquiry itself "has become too embroiled in politics and partisanship."

That's right, it's all partisanship and political theatre.

Gotta love this administration and their toadies. Bush and Company obstruct, delay and choke off oversight with their last breath for as long as they can and then have the sheer balls to decry the politics of oversight all the while claiming that anything new unearthed was already vented by the media and disclosed.

Nothing to see behind the deadly black curtain; we told you to move along. Get!

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