Friday, May 04, 2007

Awesome Kaine

There is an uplifting contemporary Christian song that goes something like this: "My God is an awesome God, he reigns from heaven above, with wisdom power and love, my God is an awesome God!"

Well, in the spirit of the sentiment, Howling Latina conjured up the song after reading an article by the Washington Post.

[A]fter the April 16 shootings at Virginia Tech, Kaine...perfected the political art of connecting with religious voters, even though he maintains strong ties to the socially liberal, and somewhat secular, base of the Democratic Party.

A day after the shootings, Kaine delivered what many describe as a masterful speech at Virginia Tech's convocation service to honor the victims. Kaine, quoting the Bible, counseled the students that it was okay for them to grieve. He referenced the story of Job, who lost his livestock, servants and 10 children on the same day.

"He was angry at his Creator," Kaine said of Job. "He argued with God and he didn't lose his faith. It's okay to argue. It's okay to be angry. Those emotions are natural."

Oh yes, Job indeed was mad at God. As was Jacob when he wrestled with God for a blessing. Kaine is soo spiritually connected. What a great asset and leader he is to our state.

Meanwhile, enjoy one of my favorite poems by Emily Dickinson:

I NEVER lost as much but twice, And that was in the sod; Twice have I stood a beggar Before the door of God!

Angels, twice descending, Reimbursed my store.
Burglar, banker, father, I am poor once more!

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