Tuesday, March 13, 2007

White House High-Jinks--Froomkin Agrees with Howling Latina

Howling Latina posted this morning about the teeny weeny possibility that the White House might have been looking to fire all the U.S. attorneys as a way to get rid of Patrick Fitzgerald and Plamegate.

This afternoon, Dan Froomkin expresses similar thoughts (but much more elegantly than HL)in the Washington Post.

One more observation: We can now trace the genesis of the purge back two years to then-White House counsel Harriet Miers's proposal to do a generic housecleaning of all U.S. attorneys. That might have provided nifty cover for ridding the White House of the pesky special counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald, but her proposal was pretty obviously a nonstarter because it would have been an epic task.
Epic indeed! But with this administration and its past shameless machinations, a likely major reason why they dropped the idea is because they knew the cat had been out of the bag too long (as evidenced by Fitzgerald's questions of Bush, Cheney, Rove, Libby and the other evildoers), which had already revealed to them that the special counsel had unearthed far too many rat drippings that led directly to the Bush rat nest.

And...at the time...folks at the White House had no way of knowing exactly where they had led.

Add to the equation the fact the special counsel had an illustrous history as a straight-arrow, which meant he likely wouldn't take his dismissal under the phony excuse of reelection housecleaning lightly.

But give it good ol' Harriet, she was a trooper; and the shiniest ass-kisser in the King's rat hole!

Don't forget Harriet was also once a pube away from being on SCOTUS
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