Saturday, March 10, 2007

Onward Christian Soldiers, Join Wallis at Washington Cathedral

In commemoration of the fourth year anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, this Friday, March 16, thousands will join Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners/Call to Renewal at the Washington Cathedral for the Christian Peace Witness for Iraq.

Registration for the worship service is required; and Howling Latina has learned that response has been so overwhelming that an overflow crowd is expected and will be accomodated with speakers on the grounds.

As Sojourners notes, "The picture of thousands of Christians overflowing the National Cathedral will be a powerful witness for peace." After service, there will a procession down Massachusetts Avenue to the White House to publicly proclaim as Christians that the war in Iraq must END!

If you can make it to the District, for either the worship service or procession, please do so! Progressive Christians need to give voice to OUR PRIORITIES!

There is also going to be peaceful civil disobedience, and lots and lots of PRESS!

The partner organizations for the event include: Adventist Peace FellowshipAmerican, Friends Service Committee, Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America, Brethren Witness, Call to Action, Catholic Peace Fellowship, Christian Alliance for Progress, Christian Peacemaker Teams, Council of Churches of Santa Clara County, Declaration of Peace, Disciples Justice Action Network (Disciples of Christ), Disciples Peace Fellowship, Episcopal Peace Fellowship, Every Church a Peace Church, Faith in Public Life, Institute for Progressive Christianity, Kairos: A Time to Speak, A Time to Act, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, Lutheran Peace Fellowship, Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, Methodist Federation for Social Action, Multifaith Voices for Peace & Justice, National Council of Churches, No2Torture, On Earth Peace, Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service, Pax Christi USA, Peace and Justice Support Network of Mennonite Church, USAPentecostal Charismatic Peace Fellowship, Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, Protestants for the Common Good, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, United Church of Christ (Justice and Witness Ministries).

Quite a striking lofty list. Worship service starts at 7:00 PM and the procession is expected to start at around 9:00 PM.

listened to a speech from a former congressman where he preached how bad the Republicans are in communicating there message to their base and to the public, and how the public does not know anything about what the republicans got done in the 109th congress. And while he was going on about the issues that the Republicans got done, he was also talking about the "earmarks". He explained to the conservative crowd, that "earmarks are les than one tenth of a percent of the federal budget" witch is a stunning fact that makes me wonder why this is the concern of our time in the conservative community.

As he finished his speech, I walked up to him and told him "Mr. Congressman, I might be wrong but I recall reading an article in the Wall St. Journal, about an official in CO criticizing an earmark that Sen. Allard (R-CO) inserted in a spending bill, saying that it takes away the money the State gets from the federal government." So I asked the Hon. Congressman "Is it true that when a congressman or senator inserts an earmark in a spending bill, he does not raise spending? That he just takes away the liberty from one bureaucrat to decide how to spend the money and decides himself where the money should go?"

The answer was yes.

So if earmarks do not raise spending and it's not more then one tenth of one percent of the budget, why is there so much noise about it?

Because we do not communicate, and nobody amongst us is aware of the facts. We have to start communicating, and shouldn't be afraid that someone will slam us, because if you fight back, you have a chance of winning, and if you don’t fight you don’t even have a chance of winning.
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