Monday, March 19, 2007

Fitzgerald Was Set to Get The Ax

Like Inspector Javert in learning that Monsieur Madeleine was actually Jean Valjean, the former convict in "Les Misérables, reading the latest news about Prosecutor-gate in the Washington Post has Howling Latina yelling, "I knew it."

U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald was ranked among prosecutors who had "not distinguished themselves" on a Justice Department chart sent to the White House in March 2005, when he was in the midst of leading a CIA leak investigation that resulted in the perjury conviction of a vice presidential aide, administration officials said yesterday.

The ranking placed Fitzgerald below "strong U.S. Attorneys . . . who exhibited loyalty" to the administration but above "weak U.S. Attorneys who . . . chafed against Administration initiatives, etc.," according to Justice documents.

Now, ain't that some serious shit?!? But wait, there is more...
Fitzgerald's ranking adds another dimension to the prosecutor firings, which began as a White House proposal to remove all 93 U.S. attorneys after the 2004 elections and evolved into the coordinated dismissal of eight last year. The firings have caused an uproar on Capitol Hill amid allegations of improper political interference and have led several lawmakers in both parties to call on Gonzales to resign.
Indeed it does!

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"The ranking placed Fitzgerald below "strong U.S. Attorneys . . . who exhibited loyalty"

Jesus, I thought these guys were about subtle, Machiavellian politics. Sounds like a Stalin-style Party purge is going on...
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