Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Shout-out to His Homies, from Jackson Miller

The Washington Post recently penned an op-ed regarding the venal immigration law that some GOP legislators are trying to pass in Virginia. That's right, immigrants are the latest whipping boys in a state with a long hateful history of uncivil propensities.

An insane bill recently introduced by Del. Jackson Miller and passed by the House would even go so far as to "strip charities...of state and local funding if any of the money" were to be used to provide any "services" to illegal immigrants.

Howling Latina supposes that places of worship like Manassas Baptist Church will now have to stop their afternoon services and Bible study groups in Spanish, because you know, heaven forbid some illegal receive "services."

Yep, and in honor and glory of the new law, all church daycare centers will henceforth ask Sonia and Julito for documentation before they take their swing seat in the playground.
This is to make sure the monies that are going to charities and organizations go to the people they are intended to go to, which is legal immigrants," said Del. Jackson H. Miller (R-Manassas), the sponsor of the bill. "The ultimate goal is to make the commonwealth of Virginia an unwelcome place if you are in this country illegally."
Exactly what Jesus would do, no doubt. You see, these devout Christians want to run every Latino, oops every illegal, out of Virginia.

Maj. James Allison, general secretary of the National Capital and Virginia Division of the Salvation Army, said his organization will have no choice but to turn people away if Miller's bill is approved. "Our main desire is to get service to people who need it, without discrimination, but we have to comply by state, federal and local guidelines as it relates to funding, so we would have to tighten up," Allison said.
Yes, it's all about the rule of law for these new neofacists; and of course ever since the Jackson Millers of the world started to "advanc[e] a grab bag of legislation designed to hound, harass and hassle illegal immigrants," the KKK and their ilk have become emboldened.

Go figure!

Groups linked to the Ku Klux Klan, skinheads and neo-Nazis grew significantly more active, holding more rallies, distributing leaflets and increasing their presence on the Internet — much of it focused on stirring anti-immigrant sentiment, a new report released by the Anti-Defamation League says.

“Extremist groups are good at seizing on whatever the hot button is of the day and twisting the message to get new members,” Deborah M. Lauter, ADL civil rights director, said Monday. “This one seems to be taking hold with more of mainstream America than we’d like to see.”

Well, thank the dear Lord there are still a few red-letter Christians who take to heart the words from the Master about taking care of the least of us, same as you would do onto Him.

Kitty Hardt, director of program operations at Commonwealth Catholic Charities: "We don't stop services to look for documentation."
If loonies in Richmond like Miller are not stopped, an op-ed in the Washington Post poses the seminal question, What's the "Next Stop: Underground"?

The firestones of humanity are constantly stoked by people like Miller and his ilk, equal to any garden-variety hate group. Yes Virginia, we must be vigilant against those with sweet words that make the once unthinkable seem reasonable.

As Mark Potok, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate crimes recently told Newsweek: “Whenever you think the Klan is down and out, they find another way to reinvent themselves."

Hell, illegals are just the latest fall guys for bigots and racists.

Yeah , what would Jesus Do? Would he want them to steal,or lie,it seem that somewhere in the Bible he warns against it.Yet, that is what many illegals do when they steal into this country,steal the identification of others and lie to get services and jobs with fraudalent documents.

Many US citizens are growing tired and weary of your lame excuses, and your demands for Freebies and rights that don't belong to illegals.

Illegals go Home, Wave your Flags there. Expend your energies demanding that your own governments change. GO HOME!
It would be quite interesting to know how many homes he has sold to immigrants. Also how much money Mr. Miller has made out of immigrants. How come? He has been working as a realtor in Manassas/Virginia for many years. Everybody knows that Hispanics are the largest minority in Manassas and they have a large homeownership share in the area.
Boy, now ain't that the darn TRUTH!
My god blesses ALL human beings, not just those with citizenship and green cards.

Can't the bigots see that we are ALL connected?
I'm a fifth generation hispanic. I consider myself an American first.

I feel empathy and sorrow for the illegal aliens, but the fact is the majority I've known really don't want to assimilate into our society; after a long frustrating period, I gave up working with them and have changed my stance.

Their concerns are typically self-centered and only for themselves; the most common attitude does not seem to be that America is the land of opportunity, but rather we are the land of hand-outs. That does not bode well for the future of our society.

I've also learned that LEGAL immigrants are eager to become "real" Americans. The difference in attitude is night and day. THESE PEOPLE I WILL BEND OVER BACKWARD TO HELP. They make me proud.

The best thing we can do for those here illegally, for their countries, and for our country, is to send them packing, so they will be forced to confront and fight the injustices in their homelands.

The US must also apply whatever pressure is necessary to make other governments reform, NOW!!

It may sound harsh, but in the long run it will produce what we all want - liberty and prosperity for all.

Otherwise, America will also spiral into a land of haves and have-nots, divided further by language and cultural differences. Turmoil and conflict will come our way - why would anyone who truly cares about people want that??
Anonymous #3, by your twisted logic, we shouldn't help ANYONE; it only encourages them!

No foreign aid to any countries, right?!?

And certainly no public services to the needy, by the public or private sector!

It's a doggie-eat-doggie world until it all balances out after Lord knows how many inequities and injustices.

You are in DENIAL! It's not about illegals, it's about brown people who don't look like the lily-white folks, them "foreigners"!

Don't believe me. Move to Texas and hear what the good ol' boys have to say about Mexicans!

Or Oklahoma!

Do the words spic ring a ding-dong?!? How about wet-back? Latrino?!?

Don't pat yourself in the back too hard 'cause you're a fifth generation Hispanic. Instead, heed the solemn words of Pastor Martin Niemöller when talking about the German Nazis.

When the Nazis came for the communists, I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for me,there was no one left to speak out.
Latina, what do you mean when they came for me? came for who?,no one asked "them" to come here in the first place.

Give the world a break and stop your senseless blogging!
Latina, this is anonymous #3...

Your rant against me is laughable... Thanks for the chuckle!!

It is not about color or heritage - the only racist I see posting is you. Indeed, YOU are the one in denial!!

One can choose to be part of the melting pot - or choose to be trash in the stew. Your choice is obvious.

Read my original post again.

I did NOT say anything about no public services for anyone, nor stopping foreign aid.

In fact, I have for years advocated spending our foreign aid dollars to help improve the situation of the people of Mexico - our neighbors. I don't advocate giving money directly to the Mexican government, though. There are better ways to help the people directly.

I would like to know:
Do you regularly make a habit of twisting what people say?
Do you regularly lie about their words?
If so - you would fit in well with the DHS and the DOJ. That's not a compliment. << Thought I'd better make that clear since you have difficulty with reading comprehension.

Oh, yes, I've heard a few slurs - from people of all colors - even tan ones. I'm "really just a gringo" to some. Pretty funny, don't you think?

I live and work on the border. I know more about the TRUTH and REALITY of the situation than you ever will.
They're breaking the law - what part of illegal doesn't jive in your small brains? Illegal. Illegal. Illegal. If an illegal alien killed your sister because he was given a MD driver's license, would you then change your mind? It's amazing you claim bigotry, yet you have know understanding what these people are doing to your social welfare programs - they're sucking them dry. They're living off your tax dollars. They're not going to live off mine. Move to MD if you like that idea.
No one is against LEGAL immigrants. More power to them - the issue is that the illegals have no respect for the US, its citizens, or the rule of law. NONE. They are simply here to stay under the radar and suck the tit of our hard work and taxes. If the illegals were serious about acclimating, they'd all have green cards at a minimum and wouldn't be sending half their pay home via western union to Guatemala.
If we're all connected scott nolan, they why do muslisms execute gays? why do liberals kill third trimester babies? why have jews been suffering for so long? get a clue. the world doesn't take a village, it takes individuals, and not lambs either. you aren't worth half the rights the real men of this country died ensuring you have.
I agree with improving the border security to prevent more undocummented people to come to the US to suffer like they do now. However, I do't agree with trying to kick undocummented people out of the US or to not allow them access to medical, education, legal, or human right services. They are here because they want to prosper, however, a lot of them may not have a clue of how to make it here, but if the US would actually help them like they do to "legal" people, these undocummented people would them have the tools to make a better life for themselves, pay more taxes from what they do now once they get a better paid job, because they pay taxes...therefore they deserve to have access to all services the community offers. Isn't the US always worrying about how to improve the education and erradicate proverty around the globe, why don't start here! People who are in the US, should have the choice to stay or go back to their countries or move to another. Some undocummented people were brought here by their parents when they were kids and now they have made a life here, they are either married to maybe another undocumented or citizen person and want to stay and contribute but because they don't have "papers" they can't show their full potential.

Anyone who does agree with HL will summarily be deported to the nearest keyboard owned and published by the George Allens and Jackson Millers of the world.

Read somewhere about how Republicans only believe in law and order until they're caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They believe in free market, as long as they are making profits. The minute the S&L and no mortgage banking industry tanks, it's HELP, HELP!

Hypocrites and Pharisees.
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