Friday, February 16, 2007

Roll Call - What'z Up with JoAnn Davis?

In voting for the resolution to rebuke Pres. George Bush's plan to escalate the Iraqi War by sending an additional 20,000 combat troops, the House voted 246-182 for the measure, with 17 Republicans joining all but two Democrats.

Interestingly, Republican Rep. JoAnn Davis, Howling Latina's own congresswoman did not vote at all. Other Republicans not voting were Reps. Charles William Boustany Jr., who serves a mostly Democratic district in the southwest tip of Louisiana, Frank A. LoBiondo of New Jersey and Dennis Hastern, the former Speaker of the House.

As some readers might recall, Davis recently recovered from cancer; but in the 210th Congress, she was able to vote for the Democratic bill to raise the minimum wage as well as introduce a bevy of bills.

Curious and even more curiouser is the fact that Davis did not record a vote when Congress voted on CAFTA back in 2005. Although some might fault her for not voting with the Dems, she is a Republican, after all.

HL finds her voting record sort've inexplicable in light of her alleged hard-right worldview.

Republican Rep. Tom Davis of Virginia voted with the Democrats; and some have hinted Davis will retire from the House in '08, whether Sen. John Warner seeks reelection or not.

Finally, the only two Democrats to vote with the GOPers were Rep. Gene Taylor of Mississippi, who also voted "for all four articles of impeachment against Bill Clinton and Jim Marshall of Georgia. Democrats not voting were Reps. Brian Norton Baird of New Mexico and Jerrold Nadler of New York.

For the roll call, click here.

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