Saturday, February 17, 2007

Please Sen. Russ Potts, Don't Retire!

Today, the Washington Post pens an article about the state of animus between moderate Republicans and the batwing faction that leads the House.

Leading the divide are social issues, including immigration, but as evidenced by the comments at the end of the post, the hysteria is about them 'illegals," specifically, intolerance.

The list of complains are the uppidiness of immigrants for refusing to keep their social place as 'migrant workers' with absolutely no rights, the horror of their language, and about taxpayers having to 'dig' into their imaginary pockets to pay their way.

Well, here's a little secret. A majority of 'illegals' pay taxes under a phony social security card and will never collect said benefits for same.

The only people robbing taxpayers are the legislators who blab on and on about how they're savings citizens' way of life as they let the whole state go to hell in a handbasket and try to take away the right to live free of Big Virginia Brother!

Yes, they spout some crapola about saving taxpayers from some unknown evil tax hike, while the zillionaires and behemoth corporations get millions and millions of $$$ in tax breaks and the commonwealth lies on the brink of the abyss.

The immigrant boogie man is just the latest wedge issue so that batwings can keep their unchecked power as schools deteriorate, traffic piles up, energy prices skyrocket, and all the while they try to distract us by laying blame on a nonexistent problem caused by a powerless minority, when in fact it is they who caused a majority of the chaos through their cavalier neglect.

Remember Willie Horton?!? And the mighty need to build all those state prisons to feed the correctional institution elites?!? Exactly what did Virginians gain from all those prisons, except to find our children caught up in the Draconian edicts of the new laws?!?

Well, get use to it, my dear Virginians. With Northern Virginia growing by leaps and bounds, moderation and temperance will rule supreme; and after the 2010 census, the batwings will be slapped with a dose of constituent reality without the benefit of their gerrymandered districts.

Oh, please Sen. Potts, as one of your constituents, don't retire. Just one more term!

What is wrong with your site? More than half the time your posts contain unintelligible garbage... extra characters and missing stuff... your blog must be screwed up... notice all the 0 comments... it is because people cant read your posts.

Btw, who is Sen. Rub!2 Pollltzs?
and why is there no post?
Gosh, I don't know.

I know that Waldo's political blog keeps posting my writing as if they'd been written in 2005.

I haven't been able to figure out how to correct the DAMN thing!
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