Sunday, February 18, 2007

'McMissile' Brings McMega Misjustice

What the hell is wrong with our justice system?!?

Today the Washington Post reports that a mother of three whose husband is serving his third duty in Iraq has been thrown into prison by some frigging jury who obviously doesn't have the sense that God gave a cockroach.

You see, she threw a McDonald cup filled with ice at another vehicle; and the other woman, well, she's fine, but thank you for asking.

The Stafford woman was sentenced the minimum two years--wholly based on what this dumb-ass prosecutor decided to charge her with. The poor woman was set to start nursing school; and now her whole life is ruined because of some bullshit case-hardened prosecutor.

Well, let's hope the judge overrules the jury's pronouncement and reduces the verdict and sentence to fit the proportionality of the crime.

Howling Latina probably doesn't have to tell you that the woman is a person of color; just another one to add to the list of those who are disenfranchised with no voice in their government.

Can any person reading this post honestly believe that if the person throwing the cup had been lili-white with a few well placed connections the charge and verdict would not have been different?!?

Think it's all about the rule of law?!? Well, let us harken back to the case of Susan Cummings, the heiress from Fauquier County of a few years ago who received 60 days for killing her Argentine polo-playing boyfriend...

Enough with treating every damn law infraction as if it's the most horrid sin and demanding the needle, or at minimum a felony conviction with prison time when a much lesser penalty is in order.

For crying out loud, don't we have a budget to fix and roads to build?!? With these tyrannical laws zapping all the $$$ toward correction elites and the correctional complex, no wonder Virginia is too broke to fix the transporation problem and hire a few teachers to properly educate our children.

Heck...she needs to be a white male stealing MILLIONS of dollars....and then "maybe" a two year sentence would have been handed down....b/c if you are a rich white male a two year sentence for millions of dollars is considered big time....

It's the little people, who may have had a hard time, maybe and addict...but not hurting anyone else that if they get caught it's a long time in prison.

Our justice system sucks!!!
A white man wouldn't get two years for stealing millions, he'd get another no-bid contract from the Bush administration.

UPDATE on Jessica Hall. The judge reduced her sentence to time served and released her this morning. She is on probabtion, but at least she is out of jail and back with her family.

I don't live in VA, but I think it would be worthwhile for someone who does to look into the law to see if the Gov could pardon her and remove this so-called crime from her record.


And yes, Gov. Kaine could pardon her, although governors usually wait until the end of their term to start doing so
Nice. Again, liberals wanting everyone to blame but the criminal. How about people take responsibility for their actions? That's an idea that doesn't resonate well with the left. I love how you conveniently left out the fact the convict is wanted for check fraud in two states. And VA is not broke - VA has more than $!bb in surplus funds... too bad the lefty gov won't release it for roads and the like. Wake up. Read!
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