Thursday, February 15, 2007

Is Tom Davis Surging?@?

Flipping through the channels last night, Howling Latina overheard some pundit say that Tom Davis had left the GOP reservation and was now siding with Dems on the issue of Bush's escalation

This morning, The New Republic online offers a story about "House Republicans danc[ing] awkwardly around the Iraq vote." And leading the hoedoewn of mavericks is Representative Walter Jones of North Carolina; ten other GOPers have joined him so far.

Of special interest to Northern Virginians, one member of the exclusive club is none other than our own Tom Davis, the Virginia would-be senator (if only that ol' geezer Warner would retire) who is chomping at the bits to permanently boogie to music on the Senate floor.
Virginia Republican Tom Davis spent the first part of this week weighing the resolution's pros and cons and teasing the press corps, telling The Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman that it was "not inconceivable" he would decide to support it.


"From here, the surge looks more like the status quo on steroids," he said,
but then he added that "the symbolic resolution doesn't say enough. It says only
what some members are against, not what they are for."

After he finished, the reporters in the gallery clustered together in confusion. "Did he say what he was gonna do?" one hissed. He may not have said it, but his recessional made it perfectly clear: Slowly and somberly...Davis and his flack wound their way to the left, along the darkened corridor behind the Republican section and through the rows of empty chairs to join Jones and his renegade band.
Now, let's just see if Davis follows through and joins the Dems with his vote. Earlier in the story, the reporter also mentions that Davis had happily sat in a "seat...within the chamber's staunch Republican section."

Looks like Andrew Hurst scared the bejeezus out of Davis. After all, it wasn't that long ago when Davis was busy helping Tom DeLay keep his crooked ass in the majority.

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