Saturday, February 17, 2007

Holy Cow! Dems Picked Up Seven Republicans

The Washington Post reports today that "seven Republican senators...broke ranks with their colleagues and voted in favor of the cloture motion." The vote was 56-34.

Howling Latina had presciently predicted that Dems would fall four short, even if her math at the time was a little screwy

Republicans voting with the Democratic majority were Sens. John Warner of Virginia, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, Norm Coleman of Minnesota, Gordon Smith of Oregon, and Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine.

Looks like Liebermann broke the Sabbath commandment "to vote for more war."'s where the other four votes are going to come from: John Sununu of New Hampshire, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and two from the following three: Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Pete Domenici of New Mexico or Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina. All candidates are up for reelection in '08 and Dole is complaining that the upcoming congressional elections are beset by "the worst political environment in memory." .

She ain't seen nothing yet. America will not be denied. Bush's outrage and disaster must immediately end!

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