Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gov.Tim Kaine to Endorse Obama!


ABC 7 News reports that Gov. Tim Kaine will be endorsing Sen. Barack Obama for president.

My readers may recall that Howling Latina endorsed Obama back in November when posts about Obama on my humble blog were highlighted by

Yep, the buzz was that low.

Officials say Virginia Governor Tim Kaine plans to endorse Illinois Senator Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign.
Two people with political ties to the governor say that Kaine could make the endorsement as early as this weekend.

You should know Barack Obama is racist to Hispanic Americans in Illinois!
It can be verified with documented evidence Barrack Obama as an Illinois Senator has been placed on repeated written notice of (for instance but not limited to) ongoing illegal race discrimination against American Hispanics. I ,a Hispanic American citizen, with parents who are both Hispanic American citizens have myself been denied the right to formally officially file race discrimination "IDHR & EEOC" charges against Hormel Foods Corporation and UFCW at the agencies IDHR & EEOC in Illinois since 2004 when in fact other nonHispanics are allowed to file such charges of Race discrimination. Despite Barack Obama and his office having full knowledge and understanding of this serious situation Barrack Obama a civil rights attorney himself has refused to hold anyone at IDHR & EEOC accountable for their actions regarding the issue of IDHR & EEOC discriminating against Hispanic American complainants and to date Barack Obama is not investigating or even asking for any independant third party to investigate this racial discrimination citing only a separation of powers. It is unconscionable for Barack Obama to have used this device as it regards race discrimination which has effectively empowered IDHR & EEOC to maintain their illegal & discriminatory position and with Barack Obama's inaction Barack Obama is in fact discriminating against Hispanic American constituents of Illinois.
American constituents who happen to be only Hispanic are being harmed by Barack Obama who to this date continues to condone such illegal and discriminatory misconduct by his inaction.
This information can be verified by any news media so if you want the truth demand they cover this story!
Barrack Obama does not care about every Americans civil rights and equal rights
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