Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Breaking News!

For all the wingnuts in the General Assembly and their followers, and yes, that especially includes Delegate Jackson Miller and his minions, the LA Times reports today that immigrants actually raise wages and have a lower incarceration rate than native denizens.

Two new studies by California researchers counter negative perceptions that immigrants increase crime and job competition, showing that they are incarcerated at far lower rates than native-born citizens and actually help boost their wages

A study released Tuesday by the Public Policy Institute of California found that immigrants who arrived in the state between 1990 and 2004 increased wages for native workers by an average 4%.

Well, Howling Latina is certain that facts will not stop GOPers from spouting some crap about the 'rule of law' as they no doubt continue to speed on the highway, cheat on their taxes and at the polls, and then blame everything under the sun to some hapless third party like boogey illegals.

Immigrants are the backbone of this nation. If you don't believe HL, just ask your friendly Northern Virginia real estate agent or builder.

The Public Policy Group of California is a pro-immigrant advocacy group and their numbers are rather suspect.

There is at least one study showing that about 20 years ago the going wage for janitors in LA was about $10 per hour. During the 1990s the going wage went down to $6 per hour. This was also the case in many other labor intensive occupations. The presence of willing, cheap labor NEVER drives up wages. That would be counterintuitive.

The incarceration rates cited by the group are also suspect. Moreover, they are a poor indicator of actual criminal involvement as much criminal involvement does not result in incarceration but in summonses or arrest and release with later dismissal of the charges or probation with fines and community service. Also, most criminal behavior takes place within the criminals' group. When the group consists primarily of illegal immigrants there is far less likelihood of charges being brought due to victims' fear that they will be discovered, or their fear that the offender, who is often a family member or wage earner, will be found out and detained and deported. In my own experience immigrant witnesses and victims often fail to show up for court, meaning that perfectly legitimate criminal charges are dropped. In addition, several surveys widely available on the internet show that in some jurisdictions as much as 35% of the jail population is made up of immigrants, even in areas where their presence in the population at large is less than 25%.

Not saying immigrants are more likely to be criminals or whatever. I'm just saying that studies like these are usually statistical bushwa.
Soooo, the point is that, OTHER THAN violating our immigration laws, illegal immigrants violate our other laws at a lower rate? How reassuring.

And BTW, no on challenges that "Immigrants are the backbone of this nation." No one opposes "immigration." The question is whether one is willing to do anything about ILLEGAL immigration.
No one opposes "immigration

I do.

The point of permitting immigration is to increase the population of your country.

We have enough people. we can stop now.
You are now hooked up with Evil Bobby.

Um Roci, and your parents are Native Americans?

Just want to be clear about this since now that you are here, you want to pull up the moat.
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