Friday, January 19, 2007

Poor Baptists Are Under Attack!

That's right, my poor Baptists brothers and sisters are under attack, Pastor Rick Scarborough has kindly informed Howling Latina via an e-mail.

It seems former Pres. Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter are up to their nefarious tricks of trying to dupe gullible Christians to actually think that "Christianity is somehow compatible with the goals of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama."

You know, like peace in the Middle East!

Just ask the Egyptians on the streets of Cairo where HL has spent the last three weeks what it has meant to them by way of jobs and a better way of life as a result of the peace agreement Carter brokered in the 70s.

Or while you're at it, ask the tsunami victims in Thailand and Indonesia what it has meant to have Clinton as their advocate in rebuilding their towns and lives.

What exactly has Pastor Rick Scarborough done to advance the tenets of the Master as written in the Good Book?

Not a darn thing except preach the gospel of the Pharisee from the Book of the Damned!

Yea, like the Pharisee in the New Testament, they were so darn glad they were not sinners like the folks who didn't follow every tenet of the law.

From the news stories of late, seems to me the good preachers should stop looking at the plank in their brothers eye and look at their own.

When it comes to sinning and damnation, bring sinners to Christ by offering salvation through the Good News and let the Holy Spirit guide them as God wills, not as you or anybody feels is the most important passages for salvation.

In other words, when it comes to sinning, take care of your own relationship with God.
As a baptist, I think they have their own views..but as Baptists...everyone is allowed to think what they want.
Too Conservative, you are absolutely right.

In fact, the Baptist faith at one time was very progressive; and the reason why I absolutely adore the faith.

The music and eating ain't too shabby, either.
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