Monday, January 08, 2007

Like Goode -- Like Miller - RABID!

Even as she whittles her hours away viewing pyramids, tombs and sepulchers, thousands and thousands of miles away in Cairo and Luxor, the recent article by the Washington Post on the newest delegate to Virginia's General Assembly by way of Jackson H. Miller has Howling Latina, well, howling.

Like Congressman Virgil Goode, it seems that for Miller, the seminal issue is making sure that the neighborhoods remain nice and safe for white folks. Manassas, Virginia and America are under siege by gasp, 'Latrinos' and 'Abba-Dabbas.'

Oh dear, how to preserve our so-called Christian heritage for white folks only?!?

Taking a page right out of the GOP racist book of wedge issues, Miller initially ran for public office because he was appalled that his white neighbors were moving away.
Miller, who grew up in Fairfax County and moved to Manassas with his wife in 2000, didn't like what he saw and was stirred to run for City Council. "My wife and I loved our neighborhood," he said. "But we were dismayed at the number of our peers who were moving out of the city. And it all came back to overcrowding and [English as a Second Language courses] in the public school system."

Yep, it was all that overcrowding at the Mall, McDonalds and Baskin Robbins!

And pledging to do something about all them illegal foreigners, Miller rode to town and victory on a horse called "anti-crowding ordinances" that will tie the city with "costly court battles for years."

Yes, Manassas taxpayers, your hard-earned $$$$ at work. And all because Manassas City Council with Miller leading the cavalry approved an ordinance that restricted who could live in one's home to "immediate relatives, even if the total number was below the legal occupancy limit."
Manassas is being investigated by the Justice Department for alleged violations of the Fair Housing Act, and civil suits are likely to follow. Complaints against the city have also been lodged with the Department of Education by parents who say city schools illegally disclosed confidential student information to zoning inspectors.

Miller "was very adamant in his concern for the impact of illegal immigration," said council member J. Steven Randolph (I). "That was one issue in which his leadership moved the council quicker than it might have moved otherwise. Some of the rest of us were taking a more cautious view."

To illustrate the harebrained decree, if five cousins wanted to live in a 5,000 square foot house, too bad. Under the ordinance, they would be breaking the law, and neighbors were encouraged to turn them in like the good ol' days of Gestapo Germany or Communist Soviet Union with a handy-dandy 1-800 hotline.

Just can't wait to see what pearls of wisdom and insight Miller brings to the table to fix the nightmare of transportation for poor Northern Virginians who sit in traffic for hours and hours each day!

Overcrowding is NOT an immigration problem. Overcrowding is a natural by-product of a serious lack in affordable housing.

I personally know of several group living scenarios (friends who are violating Manassas' proposed law - though they live in Centreville, Fairfax, and Reston). In all five "households" nearly everyone is white (the house in Fairfax has a black man), 4th or greater generation Americans, who jump into a lease together, or sublet from one mortgage holder so they can simply afford to live somewhere other than with their parents.

Immigration my ass. Makes as much sense as "Duck and Cover" did during the cold war.
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