Thursday, January 04, 2007

The John Warner Non-Story

Ever since the American Spectator ran a story about the prospect of Republican Sen. John Warner of Virginia running for reelection, bloggers have breathlessly and inaccurately reported that Warner might be too scared of the mean leftie bloggers to run for a sixth term in '08 and opt to retire.

Warner's Virginia seat was thought to be a safe one, but with victory by Democrat Jim Webb -- some would say it was more of a loss by Sen. George Allen -- Warner is now uncertain of whether he's willing to put himself through what is sure to be a bruising battle.

"It isn't that Allen lost, it's how he lost, that has to trouble Warner," says a Republican political consultant who has worked in Virginia. "The far-left wing of the party was so aggressive in Virginia with guerrilla tactics, Web attack ads and blog posts, that Warner has to look at all that and wonder if it's worth that kind of fight. He's had it comparatively easy in the past few races. Does he want to fight for what amounts to a minority seat?"

As the British would say, rubbish!

Howling Latina, a blogger who "far-right" wingbats no doubt brand a "far-left" blogger, just recently sent an e-mail to Warner reaffirming her loyal support and promise of future vote.

The anonymous "Republican political consultant" is simply some bullshitting spinmeister wanting to frame the Allen loss as the handiwork of some left-wing conspiracy.

Nice try, but no 'macaca.' Hell, the only thing progressive bloggers did during the recent Senate campaign in Virginia was report the news and give it a progressive context.

Unlike racist Allen, Warner doesn't have to worry about his past; no dark skeletons from a sister's memoir or old photos with KKK members. No championing of every cockamamie Bush policy; in other words, a conservative senator with an independent thinking mind.

Warner is from the old genteel wing of the Republican Party. Allen is from the spin, spin, spin, lie, lie, lie GOP wing without a ticking brain cell inside his 'bubba' skull.

Warner also has my vote. He will have the Senate seat as long as he wants it, and your post proves that. I can't see why anyone would want to primary him.
If Warner dies, then Tim Kaine will appoint the sucessor?

The very fact that you would support Warner for re-election proves that he is no conservative. As a member of the GO14, he directly contributed to the loss of GOP majority in the Senate. While he might have your vote, he doesn't have mine.
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