Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Don't Sign It, Gov. Kaine!

Ratcheting up the outrage, Virginia wants to add one more felony to the inhumane list of crimes eligible for the death penalty.

Like the foul murder-for-hire law on the books in the commonwealth where killers often go to the prison while persons convicted on their say-so get the needle, the Washington Post reports that [t]he House of Delegates voted Friday to expand the use of the death penalty in Virginia by making accomplices and judge killers eligible for execution."

Never mind that every time you turn around there's a news item about an inmate who was wrongfully convicted and then exonerated by DNA evidence. Only a few days ago, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution recounted the sorry tale of Willie O. "Pete" Williams who spent 22 years for a rape he didn't commit.

The legislation to increase the use of capital punishment...comes at a time when other states are considering repealing the death penalty, would make accomplices to a murder and anyone who kills a judge or a court witness eligible for the death penalty. The Senate passed nearly identical versions of the bills earlier in the week.

Of course, DNA hardly matters when a killer snitches and the innocent fall guy gets executed.

Indeed, while Virginia legislators were conjuring up ways to out-Macho one another by passing this abominable bill, our sisters and brothers across the Potomac have decided to abolish the ultimate punishment where mistakes are fatal and final.
Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) said yesterday that he plans to work for the repeal of Maryland's death penalty this legislative session. But he and some lawmakers predict that the measure has tough hurdles to clear before it gets to his desk.

"I've had a pretty consistent position on this," O'Malley told reporters at the State House. "Now that it's salient, I'm certainly not going to try to duck or hide. I would like to see us repeal the death penalty."
But hey, don't pay any attention to the Grim Reaper hiding behind the dark curtain. Keep churning out the blood-and-gore laws; and if a kid like Justin Wolfe, who probably was only guilty of dealing a little pot, untimely meets his Maker after being fingered by the real killer, oh well, it's only retributive justice at its finest.

I understand your frustration with the Death Penalty. But using these "guess what DNA did" stories are kind of pointless. Okay, so we may have executed innocent people, or imprissoned innocent people, BEFORE DNA. Now we have it. We can make sure that only people that are truly guilty get the Death Penalty.
Danny Boy, doing all the endless stories about DNA is the POINT!

It's like saying don't do those pesky stories about how the Bush administration screwed up in Iraq.

If the government got in wrong with DNA, then what makes you think they didn't get it even MORE WRONG when there is no DNA evidence and all you have is an eyewitness account or a snitch who faces the death penalty himself?!?

Capital punishment must END!
Maybe you should consult with Democratic Muslim Imam, you know the one at your winter meeting, I am sure he would tell you how to handle capital punishment issues...

Democrats, party of the Imams!
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