Saturday, January 27, 2007

Can We All Just Get Along?!?

Children, behave!

Howling Latina just found out that she'd been summarily deleted from two progressive blog sites. One for posting that she thought former Rep. Harold Ford was a sell-out; the other, who knows why.

Unlike a few weeks ago when a conservative blogger posted an image that offended the sensitivities of everyone, writing your thoughts about a political public figure, whether Democrat or Republican, should be fair game.

Fellow lefties, let's not try to make the Virginia blogosphere a community of kool-aid drinkers. Lord knows when Alice of GOTV staunchly supported Miller, several folks, including HL, kinna got more than a little testy with her and after it was all over, she took the venom and snark with great graciousness.

To bloggers who delete my link on their site, please note that HL doesn't give a hoot. She doesn't accept advertisement and strictly blogs for the pleasure of writing and trying to make a difference in political discourse so that progressives can win elections and bring about change that mirrors progressive ideals.

Now, having said that, HL must confess that it took every ounce of restrain to not strike back at the folks who refused to cotton anybody leaving the reservation and calling a spade a spade, or an Oreo and Oreo, as in the case of Ford.

Every person has a constitutionally protected right to an opinion. In the case of HL's low opinion of Ford, just think if someone opted to start deleting links because that person decreed that calling Bennie Lambert a sell-out was beyond the pale.

¡Muy estúpido!

Please folks, the political season is here and the progressive community desperately needs to hitch every wagon in their blog to the same objective, which is to win, win, win-baby-win!

I like to think we can all get along...that's why I keep your rabble rousing tuchus on my blogroll!
Go to Cuba.
Anonymous, you are an A-hole troll!

And a racist, xenophobic one at that. What does Cuba have to do with my post?!?

Oh yea, I'll go back to Cuba when you crawl back into that dark whole of your mother's womb.
I'm glad to see we are keeping the discussion courteous and respectful.
LOF, Fauquier Dan:)
"Oh yea, I'll go back to Cuba when you crawl back into that dark whole of your mother's womb. "


The ignorant "go back to Cuba" remark just goes to show how asinine people act when they have absolutely nothing intelligent to say.

Anyway, which two aggregators were you removed from? I absolutely agree that Harold Ford is a sell out..possibly for reasons other than yours though.

The little bit I know about him leads me to believe he's far more Conservative than I would consider even the most moderate of Democrats, and he is very much against many of the things I want to see happen in this country.
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