Monday, January 15, 2007

Another Lame-Brain Idea from Lingamfelter

In trying to come up with a solution to the appalling traffic problem of Northern Virginia, Del. Scott Lingamfelter thinks it's a swell idea to tax the poor saps who need to drive to work.

That's right, Mr. 'Promises-Made-Promises-Kept' has no problem raising taxes on the working folks from his district by way of toll roads. But heaven forbid his constituents try to nab their rightful share of the over-all budget to build the roads that they need.

Lingamfelter is quoted by the Washington Post with the following sage commentary:
"We need to build some roads, okay?" said Del. L. Scott Lingamfelter (R-Prince William), who maintains his opposition to new taxes but agrees that something must be done about transportation this legislative session. Among other things, Lingamfelter is proposing new tolls across the state to pay for improvements.
Way to go, Scottie baby! Keep blocking "any plan that calls for higher pay for transportation projects" by everyone. Before you know it, Dems will win back the Senate and it'll be time for redistricting in Virginia.

democrats won't build roads, they'll waste billions on transit projects that you have to drive to but don't provide enough parking
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