Monday, December 18, 2006

WAH, Wah, wah

Poor presidential would-be hopeful who refused to rule out serving out his entire term in the boring Senate, George Allen Macawicz is now leaving Congress for some other sunny 'unnamed' opportunities.

That's right, now that he's joined millions of other Americans, unemployed Georgie is pondering "some very interesting and exciting opportunities," according to the Roanoke Times.

And oh yes, like all losing candidates, Allen promises to keep a watchful eye on Virginia.
"The point is to still be out there advocating for ideas -- I call them missions -- that I think are so important," he said, citing education, innovation and
economic competitiveness as examples.

"I have too much experience, too much care about the future of Virginia and our country just to passively be outside the stadium when you want to be advancing those ideas," Allen said.
Boy, talk about an "egomaniacal jerk" of Powerline's upside world of Republican bullshit rhetoric.

Well, thank God and Greyhound Allen is gone; and taxpayers will no longer be footing the bill for his phony cowboy boots, cowboy hat and his phony baloney cowboy shtick.

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