Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam's Last Words Belie His Previous Published 'Letter'

Defiant until the end, Saddam Hussein last words were curses directed at Persians, spies, traitors and Americans, the New York Times reports.

Not exactly the sweet words earlier reported by mainstream media.

Howling Latina wept as she saw a picture of Saddam Hussein next to the rope that would soon end his life, as posted earlier this evening on the Web site of a national newspaper and thankfully taken down.

If the United States is going to go around making sure that every tyrant is brought to justice by the noose, why not start with Castro and have the Miami Cubans try him and execute him?

And what about all those kinds words from media pundits, including the Washington Post on the subject of Pinochet, another bloody tyrant? Why no justice for U.S. client-state tyrants?!?

Hell, there is not one single national leader today that does not have the stench of the death of thousands on their blood soaked hands.

Hat tip to Firedoglake for being one of the few progressive bloggers to condemn Iraq's kangaroo trial of Saddam with its ignoble preordained verdict and ending.

Update: Mosquito Blog has also brilliantly posted on the subject.

So tell me, would you have wept at pictures of Hitler being led to the gallows ?

Saddam was a murderer. He killed his own countrymen when they dared to defy him and gassed Kurds who dared to assert their independence.

To weep at the death of such a tyrant is, quite honestly, immoral.
Well Doug since Saddam is evil incarnate what does that make all his partners in crime who gave him the means to do his dirty deeds? That's right the first Bush administration and some players involved in the second Bush admin too? If your evil doers are truly evil....then I suspect you should be including ALL the culprits....

HL..we posted on this at our progressive blog...
Mosquito, sorry about that!

HL is in Egypt with limited time to read all the blogs but...she will certainly visit your blog from now on before commenting:(
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