Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lingamfelter is Full of Crap

Scottie must be getting a tad nervous, it seems every time Howling Latina turns around, he's submitting some doggerel, er, I mean op-ed to the Fauquier Times-Democrat.

Maybe he's afraid the paper might endorse his opponent, if the Democrats can get someone like let's say Sheriff Charlie Ray Fox to run against him next year.

In any event, Lingamfelter has been warned time and time again by Gov.Tim Kaine to quit impeding progress. Expect a blaze of negative news stories out of Richmond if Lingamfelter continues to block passage of Kaine's transportation plan for traffic relief in Northern Virginia.

The Post reports:

It is also about politics. Kaine, who campaigned on linking transportation to development, said during a recent swing through Northern Virginia that he understood the frustration of the Prince William supervisors, but he had another suggestion.

He said Prince William voters should consider replacing two of their legislators, Republicans Jeffrey M. Frederick and L. Scott Lingamfelter,who as members of the House Finance Committee helped defeat the major transportation tax increase proposals before the House of Delegates in September.

Lingamfelter said his vote was motivated by his desire to keep a promise to voters he made not to raise taxes. Frederick said Kaine's tax-increase schemes were the same failed approach to transportation that got the state in its current mess.

While Lingamfelter is busy anointing himself as the true heir of Ronald Reagan and rehashing of all things, former Pres. Jimmy Carter's pardon of draft dodgers, Prince William County continues to grow by leaps and bounds, commutes keep getting longer and longer and folks are getting fed up.

Yes, the 1st District has been very favorable to Lingamfelter with its gerrymandered district lines, but if Scottie doesn't do something about traffic congestion, Democrats are going to keep winning seats in Northern Virginia and statewide office, and things may not look so rosy for him after the 2010 census. Should Fox accept the challenge and run next year, we can safely predict we'll be waving good-bye to Scottie.

In the meantime, Howling Latina was glad to read that Prince William County is thinking of placing a residential building moratorium until the traffic mess is straightened out. All seven county supervisors are on record in support of the freeze proposed by Supervisor W.S. Covington III (R-Brentsville).

Now try to explain that one to your Rotary pals, Scottie.


I agree that Lingamfelter needs to go, but I don't expect Charlie Ray is gonna run against him. His term as Sheriff is up in 2007 and I expect he will run for and win re-election.

We need a good Democrat to challenge Lingamfelter. He is definitely an impediment to getting anything constructive done with regard to transportation.
It was wishful thinking on my part for's nice to think of the wonderful possibility, si?

I'm in the throes of papers but when I get done, I'm writing the paper and countering everything that idiot man said, for sure!
Good article. Lingamfelter and Frederick have got to go. I will link.
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