Thursday, December 21, 2006

Moratorium NOW!

In huge news for people who oppose the death penalty, Maryland's highest court halted executions by lethal injection; and with the recent election of Martin O'Malley as governor, the political weather in the Old Line State is calling for clear skies for opponents.

Howling Latina previously wrote about O'Malley's opposition to the death penalty; and after the recent Court of Appeals ruling that "requir[es] the state to submit its execution procedures for public review," as reported by the Baltimore Sun, O'Malley could simply refuse to "submit the execution protocol for legislative review."

Now, contrary to gnashing of teeth by the Sun, HL thinks that's a lovely idea. After all, before Ehrlich was sworn into office, Maryland had a death penalty moratorium. And let's not forget, a plurarity of Marylanders support life in prison rather than the needle.

The Washington Post reported yesterday that O'Malley has asked "Ehrlich to leave the issue for the incoming administration."
"I'm sure all of this will spark a renewed debate as to whether all of the money we spend prosecuting death penalty cases might be better spent fighting violent crime and saving lives," O'Malley said.
Forget the Sun's insane idea of "push[ing] for reform of the current method of lethal injection." Get rid of the death penalty, once and for all. If O'Malley pushes for anything, it should be a moratorium that halts state executions in that state FOREVER.

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