Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Latinos Leaving the Area

With the recent real estate bust in the region, Latinos are having a hard time finding a job in construction and are going home.

The Washington Post reports today that "stories of departing workers abound. Some workers say they're headed home; others, spurred by rumors of construction jobs, try their fortunes in the Carolinas, Georgia, New Orleans."

One out of three immigrants work in construction.

The effects of the slowdown are also rippling through Hispanic-owned businesses. "A lot of my customers have gone to Florida, to the Carolinas," said Carlos Castro, owner of the Todos Supermarket chain and chairman of the Hispanic Business Council in Prince William County.
Jolly! Jolly! Jolly! Let's see the "tough on immigration" nincompoops in Prince William County make up the lost revenue from Latinos after they're gone.

Bye-bye, Latino mercado and bodega. So long cheap handyman and cleaning lady. Hasta luego sales taxes from all those purchases by my 'amigos.' Hello vacant strip malls.

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