Saturday, December 09, 2006

Kick His Butt Out

Contrary to Mason Conservative, the issue of Del Bennie Lambert. Sen-elect Jim Webb and party loyalty is far from analogous; and if there was any lynching done, it was by Senate Republicans to any individuals who opposed his royal 'high-niness,' King George Dubya.

Not only should Democrats not publicly support members of the opposing party because it is slimy, but as the Washington Post reports, Democratic by-laws strictly prohibit it.

According to the Virginia Democratic Party bylaws, "No Democratic committee member or officer of any Democratic committee shall publicly support, endorse, or assist any candidate opposed to a Democratic nominee." Those who violate the rule should be removed from office, according to the bylaws, which office holders and committee members pledge to uphold.
Lambert was elected by Virginians; but the Democratic Party doesn't have to claim him as one of its own. For as Del. A. Donald McEachin (D-Richmond), an early Webb supporter and rumored candidate for Lambert's Virginia Senate seat accurately observed, what Lambert did was unconscionable:
"I don't think one can hold such a position of high regard such as the state Senate of Virginia, be a Democrat, endorse a Republican who is bad on issues that affect the African American community, and expect there are not going to be consequences," McEachin said. "Congress turned completely blue because of Jim Webb's election. For him to stand in the way of that was, quite frankly, tragic."

Tragic is an understatement. Allen was and is a racist, through and through; and if George Allen had been reelected, Bush and his merry band of lying crooks would still be crying "stay the course" and trampling over our civil rights.

If McEachin elects to run against Lambert, Howling Latina will be sending her campaign contribution, however, small, to his campaign.

Every Republican is welcome to support Lambert over McEachin; but you can bet your last conservative talking point left over from Allen's losing campaign, Lambert will not win; and no amount of GOP $$$$ will change this inalienable fact.

As for MC, your argument, like most GOP lines of reasoning is spurious, at best. Lambert certainly has the option to run as a Republican, as Webb did, but until then, the situations are not even closely similar.

Picture Webb as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs under Pres. Ronald Reagan making commercials and running all over Virginia trying to elect Edythe C. Harrison, whoever the hell she was, when she ran against Warner in 1984.

Yep, not a pretty picture. Obviously, the best person won that year, same as a few weeks ago.

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