Monday, December 18, 2006

Happier Days in Court for Virginians

With the Democrats set to take over the Senate in a couple of weeks, the Washington Post reports that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit might take a moderate turn.

The horror, the horror, lock up the children!
The 15-member court has three vacancies, and a fourth judgeship will open in July. That would leave the bench with six Republicans and five Democratic appointees by summer. In addition, one of those six Republican appointees has announced plans to take senior status as soon as a replacement can be confirmed.

Senior judges receive full pay and hear cases but can take a reduced workload
and are not considered active-service members of the court.
It all started when Bush named Scalito to the Court and Judge Luttig got tired of waiting around for a Supreme spot, took the $$$ and instead headed for the hills of the corporate world.

Of course, Virginia bloggers will recall that one of the vacancies exists because when poor Judge Francis Murnaghan died, those pesky obstructionist Democrats wouldn't let Bush appoint party blowhard and petty thief Claude Allen to the bench.

Well, if all goes well, Democrats will block any other eminently qualified nutwing like Allen; and when we win the White House in '08, it'll all be over but the crying and ranting.

Oh if only Howling Latina were a little fly in the smoky Republican backrooms right about now; she guesses those brave GOPers who endured the wrath of Rush are starting to look mighty smart right now.

The sheer hubris of Republicans to think they were going to be in power for generations on end; as if they could ever be equal to Democrats during the last half of the 20th century.

One thing is for sure: nothing ever last forever; especially when you're as devoid of solutions as Republicans and can only think as far ahead as your next talking point. Forever was a measly 16 years.

Hell, it's morning in America, again. Fox just fired Judith Regan for making anti-Semitic remarks. Guess all those rabid cable boys are now on notice!

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