Sunday, December 24, 2006

Goode To Be Investigated

As everyone by now knows, Rep. Virgil Goode. R-Rocky Mount is a certified a-hole; but what people may not know is how stupid Goode is as well.

Goode is to be investigated; and not just for being a racist; or even for being an idiot; although these two items alone were enough to sink the former Virginia junior senator.

After publicly and unrepentantly decrying Rep.-elect Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) for having the temerity to use the Koran during his swear-in ceremony, looks like good ol' Virgil forgot what should have been the first order of business for someone with a Cunningham past.

Don't make waves, and for Pete's sake, don't make national headlines, especially with the Democrats the new lords of the House with the master set of keys in Congress.

You may be a private bigot and believe "that Muslims should not be elected to Congress," as the Washinton Post reported, but for crying out loud, when a memo to a constituent is leaked, blame it on an overly ambilitious staffer ALA Sen. Mel Martinez, say you're terribly sorry and put the mess behind you. Didn't that nasty business of Sen. George Allen Macacawitz teach you anything?

Well, apparently not. Goode's idea of giving an account is to go on Fox News and repeat his mantra: "I do not apologize, and I do not retract my letter."

Oh Virgil Virgil! You've done got yourself on the radar screen of every American Muslim and every American progressive that hates bigots. Hell, if you thought Al Weed was a big pain in the tush during the last campaign, you ain't seen nothing yet; fun and games are really about to get started.

The Roanoke Times reported yesterday that "[a] government watchdog group is asking the House ethics committee to investigate the dealings between a corrupt defense contractor and U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode."
Common Cause made the request following an announcement this week that the ethics committee was launching a probe into a bribery scandal that put former California Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham in prison.


That prompted Common Cause to ask the panel to "immediately add to itsto-do list" other members of Congress that it linked to a Capitol Hill ethics scandal, including Goode and Rep. Katherine Harris, R-Fla. "Certainly there appears to be a cloud over his [Goode's] head and that's why we need an ethics committee investigation," Common Cause spokeswoman Mary Boyle said. "If he was an innocent bystander as he says, then he would be cleared."
You see, Virgil, Americans are waking up, just like you admonished; only what they're learning is not that a bunch of Muslims are landing on our shores but a bunch of bigoted crooks are in our halls of Congress.

You know that sweet deal you gave MZM and all that $$$ they gave you?!? Well, it's all going to be investigated; every last dot, comma and penny; and Howling Latina will safely predict that Mitchell Wade will make a most compelling witness when newly elected Congressman Ellison asks to have a few words with him; you know, American to American.

And Virgil, here's the best part; with each new drip of news and revelation, expect the Roanoke Times to keep your loyal constituents oh-so-well-informed.

and the blogosphere will do it's part....

I was excited until I realized that the article you cited is dated May of 2006.
Me too:(
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