Sunday, December 17, 2006

Earth to On High...Come Back Down to Earth

Howling Latina has been busy with scholarly work examining soon-to-be Sen. George Felix Allen's demise with his lame attempt at image restoration. She titled her 23-page discourse, "How George Allen Lost His Mojo."

In the meantime, she notes that From On High stole a phrase from one of her posts and callously added the "sic" epitaph after a line to show the blogosphere how grammatically challenged HL is.

Here's her grammatically offending line:
"The United States has the dubious distinction of being the number one country in prison population as well as prison rate (sic), ... "
Hmmm...a quick LexisNexis search finds gasp, similarly offending sentences:

From the Associated Press in a May 24, 2006 article:
Auditor-General Bob Sendt said the return-to-prison rate in NSW was 44 per cent, the highest recidivism rate in Australia.
And from Agence France Presse's translated wire story:
Russia has the highest prison rate in the world, surpassing the United States, with 685 of every 100,000 Russians currently in prison and where up to 10 people are often incarcerated in a single small cell.
Granted, they are not word-for-for identical all three sentences, "prison rate" either precedes or follows a proper noun.

Post it online... we all need a good chuckle...
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