Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Cuban Miracle, Castro Cured?!?

The surgeon flown from Spain to Cuba, and who many believed was sent in a last ditch effort to save Castro's life, has disabused this notion and instead pronounced Castro cured, the German Press Agency via Raw Story reports.

A renowned Spanish physician...examine[d] ailing leader Fidel Castro [and] said Tuesday on his return to Madrid that Castro is not suffering from cancer and another operation would not be necessary. Jose Luis Garcia Sabrida, chief surgeon at the Gregorio Maranon Hospital in Madrid, told a press conference that Castro was not suffering from any "malignant disease."

Describing Castro's health condition as stable and that the Cuban leader was "mentally fit," Sabrida said. "He says every day that he wants to return to work. But his doctors have urged caution."

Oh yes, cured if he ever had cancer. But if Castro has some other malady, guess the tidbit of news about Castro being cancer free is well, pretty meaningless, especially if one wishes to sparse about the meaning of 'malignant disease.'

Previous rumors by the CIA claimed Castro was suffering from Parkinson's disease; and of course, if true, that would mean that Castro is absolutely free of cancer, in great mental shape and anxious to return to work. Right up to his last dying breath.

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