Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Congressman Chris Van Hollen to Lead DCCC

Rep. Chris Van Hollen from Howling Latina's old stomping ground in Maryland (when she was voting for moderates like former Republican Rep. Connie Morella) is the new chair for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Van Hollen came to Congress when he beat out Morella in a newly created district by the Democrats in 2002. Interestingly, good ol' Rahm Emmanuel came to Congress that very same year, too. Now ain't that SPECIAL!

Let's hope Van Hollen does as well as Emmanuel and Dems pick up even more seats in '08. From what HL has been able to observe, he's a pretty sharp cookie and at one time considered running for the Senate seat recently vacated by retiring Democratic Sen. Paul Sarbanes.

Is it me or am I the only one reading your blog anymore? There are sure a lot of Zeros in the comments fields... I told you people would rather read other stuff like maybe... The Bible or soup cans..

Come back to planet Earth HL... we liked it better when you made some sort of sense.

What am I ... chopped liver? It's an old punchline that might not be recognizable to a younger crowd.

I'm looking forward to what Van Holland will do with the post. Personally, I wasn't all that hot on Rahm Emmanuel. He overlooked some very good candidates in favor of his own picks -- many of which didn't win. Had he simply gone with the candidates who already had positive name recognition, there might be even MORE Dems in Congress.

HL - Monkey County is your old stomping grounds? Mine too!!! I grew up in Kensington and graduated from Walter Johnson ('78), as did my 3 younger brothers and sister. Last name was "Woll". My husband grew up about 3 miles away in the Nuclear Free Zone of Garrett Park and graduated from Woodward ('78), as did his 2 younger sisters. My mom graduated from BCC and my dad from Gonzaga. My dad and my husband's mother still live in the homes we grew up in so we head back to that area for holidays, etc. Where did graduate from?
Got in trouble at Montgomery Blair High School and ended up in St. Cecilia, an all-girls Catholic high school on Capitol Hill (no longer there), Class of '71.

As it turned out my youthful 'indiscretions' were a good thing. My best friend at St. Cecilia ended up marrying my brother.
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