Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bonilla Labeled a 'Cocunut'

Oh dear, it looks like Republic Rep. Henry Bonilla might lose the run-off race against former Democratic Rep. Ciro Rodriguez.

Apparently, Mexican-Americans think Bonilla is too conservative and a coconut to boot. That's an ethnic slur, which the Houston Chronicle helpfully explains to mean someone who "ignore[s] their roots - brown on the outside, white on the inside." The Mexican version of Oreo..

P]laintiffs' attorneys in the redistricting case that forced a Nov. 7 special election in the 23rd District say the trend is clear. One of the reports they wielded, prepared by an American University history professor, showed Bonilla's share of the Hispanic vote dropping from about 30 percent in 1996 to below 10 percent in 2002. In the latter election, he ran against Laredo Democrat Henry Cuellar, a popular former state lawmaker and Texas secretary of state, and eked out a 51.5 percent victory.
In the meantime, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Commitee smells blood in the political waters of Texas and is busy circling with their sharks by way of $$$, consultants and volunteers.

Bonilla was one of the legislative giants who voted against the minimum wage increase; and according to the Chronicle, recent anecdotal evidence suggests that the new geography is not kind to Bonilla; his district is now 65 percent Hispanic.

If the lunchtime crowd at Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant on S.W. Military Drive is any indication, Bonilla has his work cut out for him in his new turf.
Naturally, Bonilla has opted to go negative, claiming that Rodriguez loves terrorists, of course. You know, like all the Democrats. This is not a good sign for someone who supposedly is way ahead. The Big Dog, Prez "C" is coming to town today to campaign for Rodriguez, Burnt Orange reports.

"TX-23, make it 30," please. Strike another blow at disgraced Tom Delay's gerrymandering shenanigans.

don't forget twinkie! (asians)
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