Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bienvenido, Mi Nuevo Amigo Rodriguez

Welcome to the House, Ciro!

In a stunning come from behind victory, Cirrrrro Rodrrrrrriguez defeated seven-term Republican Rep. Henry Bonilla yesterday in Texas' run-off election in the 23rd district.

The Houston Chronicle reports that "Bonilla fell short," oh, by around 10 points.

If you recall, the new district came about after the Supreme Court ruled that "Texas Republican leaders breached the Voting Rights Act by slicing 100,000 Hispanics from the district in their 2003 remap."

"I think we have a real mandate," Rodriguez said. "We needed to make sure we worked on raising the minimum wage. We're also going to take care of
prescription-drug costs. And, by God, we're going to do the right thing by our

The DCCC poured $$$$ and volunteers wisely observing that new district lines gave Rodriguez an excellent chance to win in a run-off. As a former congressman, Rodriguez is well known in the region; and it didn't hurt that rock star Willie Clinton stopped by this weekend to cheer foot soldiers on to victory.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch of sour grapes, Bonilla blamed the "court ordered changes" for his loss.

Hmmm...Howling Latina doesn't remember Bonilla bemoaning his new safer district lines when Tom DeLay's gerrymandering scheme gave Republican extra seats in Congress from Texas in 2004. All the three-judge panel did as the Chronicle writes is "put Democrats on equal footing with Republicans."

HL has closely followed the Rodriguez race; back in March when Rodriguez was running against DINO Rep. Henry Cuellar in TX-28, she was a staunch supporter, even Spanish phone banking for him.

In absolute delicious irony, two of the defeated congressman from Texas in '04 are now back in the House as part of the new Democratic majority, Nick Lampson from DeLay's old district and Rodriguez, an unrepentant liberal.

Wah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Blog about that one, DeLay

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