Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Barack Hussein Obama for President

The name that can never be spoken has been uttered; and Howling Latina feels better already!

Conservative batwings claim there is a media conspiracy to hide from the public Obama's middle name; you know, because of the unfortunate middle name is forever linked to Saddam.

Apparently, some folks might get confused and think Saddam somehow escaped from prison, crossed the Atlantic and is now thinking of running for president of the United States.

Oh yes, the batwings point to all the hoopla about Sen. George Felix, Allen, Jr. and how he disliked his middle name, which as Peggy Nixon so brazenly pointed out, gasp, shhh...it was given to him in honor of his very Jewish grandfather.
"During 2006, we were treated to the bizarre need for Democrats to refer to Senator George Allen as "George Felix Allen" to highlight his Jewish heritage. Apparently, the left can't abide jewish heritage in Republican Senate candidates and they felt the need to run huge profiles in the Washington Post about George Allen the Jew a/k/a Senator Allen.
Well dear readers, whoever you may be, this is where the similarity ends. Never, ever, ever, ever has Obama denied his Kenyan roots; and that makes all the difference in the world between the honorable Sen. Barack Hussein Obama and the soon-to-be former Sen. George Felix Allen, Jr.

George Allen is horrible, but Obama is not good also.
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