Saturday, November 11, 2006

Why Cheney's Energy Meeting Is Crucial

Back in May, Howling Latina wrote about Cheney's secret energy meeting with industry elites and what a Democratic takeover in Congress might mean.

First item out of the chute, Cheney’s secret energy meetings right after the 2000 election. This is the embryonic cell that gave birth to Bush's war in Iraq.

Did Cheney meet with oil executives and tell them about secret plans to invade Iraq?!? I mean, what was so damn damaging that Cheney had to go all the way to the Supreme Court to prevent Americans from finding out?!?

Yesterday, the Boston Globe reported that leaders of the new Congress are "likely to move quickly to use their investigative powers as a key lever to force changes in the administration's policies on the Iraq war and domestic spying," congressional staff members are telling the media.
Democrats expect to launch probes into the administration's use of prewar intelligence on Iraq and its domestic wiretapping program and into Vice President Dick Cheney's energy task force, current and former aides said.
Thanks to Virginians and every voter who supported Senator-elect Jim Webb, the country will finally find out whether the Bush administration "misused prewar intelligence about Iraq's arms programs" in the lead-up to war.

Oh yes, this is something Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts refused to examine; and HL can already hear the sound of shredding machines humming and buzzing all the way from Washington to Warrenton.

Another possiblity that I see is that during the secret meetings it was discussed what would happen when America finally lost its influence over Iraq, either because of compliance to the sanctions or the death of Saddam.

The countries that were closest to Iraq were Germany and France. If the influence (and oil) went to them instead of the US that would have been intolerable! At least as far as the neocons and oil companies were concerned.

9/11 was a dream come true as far as justification behind toppling Saddam and keeping Iraq within our grasp.
Very good point!
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