Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Riding High," the Slime Has Already Started

Even before Barack Obama acknowledges presidential aspirations for '08, conservative pundits have already started to slime his character.

And why not? After all, Obama is perfectly positioned to not only win the Democratic nomination but the whole enchilada, for sure. Someone has to take him down--sooner rather than later, si?

"Barack Obama: A Radical Masquerading as a Moderate," warns the conservative weekly, Human Events.

His sins? Well, Obama allegedly "hates Ronald Reagan...loves Jimmy Carter...slimes Rush Limbaugh...insults evangelicals...suggests that the Bible tolerates homosexuality...rehashes worn-out liberal anti-religious arguments...believe[s] in global warming...wants to dramatically raise fuel efficiency standards as well as taxes on oil companies....wants to raise [the] minimum wage and expand the Earned Income Tax Credit."

Yep, a raging Marxist liberal with a homesexual agenda; and what's more, Obama's fast rise has been totally constructed by the liberal media without ANY justification.

"Not since William Randolph Hearst determined that for the good of his newspapers’ circulation and secondly for the nation’s self-confidence, a war should be fought against Spain and that Theodore Roosevelt would be its hero," writes Tom Roeser, the op-ed curmudgeon from the Chicago Sun-Times, Tom Roeser, "has a newspaper undertaken on its own…out of whole cloth…to invent a hero for the ages that should be made president by its own fabrication."

Not since Hearst glorified TR has a newspaper undertaken to run a political career-this time the “Chicago Sun-Times” in behalf of presidential candidate Barack Obama. On its mischievous front-page yesterday, the newspaper plays in full color the Obama portrait with this banner-line: His plan to get this Joe out of Iraq and showed a photo of one Sgt. Joseph Antole of Lockport, Illinois, one of 150,000 serving “in the war that divides America.” Thereupon the newspaper’s Scott Fornek writes that Obama (in a sub-head) unveils plan to cut U.S. troops in Iraq.

Great! What are the details of the plan? After reporting several paragraphs of Obama rhetoric in a speech to the former Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, Fornek reports the details of the Obama strategy in all its majesty: It is that we should conduct “a phased redeployment of U.S. troops.” It is that we should “sit down with Syria, Iran and other nations in the Mideast to find a lasting solution to end the war.” That’s all there is, folks.

But wow! What hype! Why didn’t anyone else think of that? Then the progenitors of the old Hearst pop culture give the full text of this magnificent contribution to world strategy together with a lavish editorial saluting Obama for his prescience.

Mr. Roeser, Howling Latina hates to break it to you, but, there are no easy solutions. The current administration has totally screwed up the Middle East for years to come; and for all of the perceived shortcomings of Obama's plan, it sure as hell beats what Pres. Bush and his cronies have done to date.

Refusing to talk to neighboring Syria or Iran or vigorously nudge the Sunnis and Shiites to make nice, Bush and his merry band of neocons have created a preemptive mess in the entire region.

Do tell us ol' sage, what exactly exactly is the GOP plan to stop the violence and carnage in Iraq?

That's what HL thought, nothing but more of the meaningless same. Stay the course; or worst, make the situation even more horrific for all parties involved by sending more men and women to die for the hubris and false pride of the current administration.

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