Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pelosi Win In Spite of Murtha Loss

Huffington Post has great analysis of the recent Murtha loss as Majority Leader to Steny Hoyer.

She writes:

[D]on't shed any tears for Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi. Even though her guy lost, this was still a big win for her. A victory for taking a stand -- and for her leadership. Because that's what real leaders do, they take stands. They listen to their hearts and follow their gut. If you only jump into the fights you're sure you can win -- notches in the W column that will look good on your political resume -- you're a hack, not someone who can move the party and the country forward. It's not about trying to have a spotless record; it's about knowing which battles are worth fighting, whatever the outcome.

It bodes well for Pelosi that was willing to spend her political capital right off the bat -- especially on the issue that will define her time at the helm. Far too many modern politicians save their political capital until it's lost all its value.

Murtha lost to Hoyer in a blow-out, 149-86. But as Howling Latina noted earlier in a post, new legislators, and yes, that especially includes Blue Dog Democrats like Keith Shuler of North Carolina, are on notice.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may belong to the Democratic Donkey Party but she also has the memory of a large, five-toed pachyderm: long-term, muscular recollection.

Update: From a comment at Hotline on Call.

Noting all the coverage of this development as evidence the Dems have failed before they even started, I can't help suspecting that if it were Karl Rove instead of Nancy Pelosi at the center of this, pundits would be talking about his genius in backing Murtha - thereby responding to the anti-war grassroots / netroots - while knowing that Hoyer was far enough ahead in pledged support that it wouldn't put his win in jeapordy. Thus rebel grassroots gets something (Murtha support) that costs the insiders nothing (Hoyer still gets the job). And on top of that, Pelosi showed loyalty to Murtha, thereby not alienating him (and really, who would want to be on the receiving end of an angry Murtha?)

Got it? Howling Latina keeps trying to tell you, folks; Pelosi is dumb like a fox.

You need Blue Dogs. Blue Dogs helped elect Mark Warner, Tim Kaine and Jim Webb. Be careful on whose leg you pee.
Hoyer is as much a centrist as Murtha so your point is?!?
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