Thursday, November 30, 2006

Oceana May Be Sinking

An article by Virginian-Pilot Online reports that Republican Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina is pitching the Navy to move Oceana to Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station.

Republican Rep. Thelma Drake who recently won a close election over Virginia Beach Commissioner of Revenue Phil Kellam said "that a move would be expensive and unnecessary because the state has taken steps to ease encroachment around the base."

Drake said she spoke with Wilson and thinks his proposal is only a fallback position in case the Navy is forced to move. The Navy is committed to Oceana,she said.
Well, Howling Latina hates to break up the lovely cat fight between GOP members of the House Armed Services Committee, but here's one teeny weeny dose of reality. You are now the MINORITY!

That's right, Thelma, all that hype about "[b]ringing higher-paying jobs to the Hampton Roads region" is wishful dreaming. Hell, you may not even be a committee member in the next Congress. In other words, your super-duper junior no-body status makes you a likely target for committee reassignment.

Yes, 2nd District voters, now don't you wish you'd have voted differently and had Kellam fighting for Oceana Naval Air Station in the new 210th Congress as part of the MAJORITY?!?

A new BRAC [Defense Base Closure and Realighment Commission] reignited the rivalry last year by ruling Oceana had become dangerously crowded by homes, offices and shopping malls. The BRAC Commission gave Florida until Dec. 31 to prepare and return the former Cecil Field to the military
Don't despair, though.

Help is on the way of the Democratic kind via our newly elected member to the Senate, Jim Webb. Because of his gravitas and intellect, Webb has been auspiciously assigned to the Senate Armed Services Committee. Just be greateful enough wise Virginians voted Goober Allen out of office.

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